Monday, January 14, 2013

Jerusalem WS notes: first part of student talks

A few notes, without credits.
  • supersonic movement of DM and baryons at z > 10 -- effect on 21cm background, global history of 21 cm signal
  • sSFR was surprisingly const b/ween 2 < z < 7 -- find rising sSFR with z
  • a new generation of submm galaxies: Redhift survey of Herschel-selected starbursts: dusty super-luminous starbursts at z=2
  • submm counts: flat IMF in bursts is required to match them, galaxy pairs contribution: look blended in SCUBA, resolved in ALMA: counts can be matched with standart IMF
  • halo quenching -- high masses and z, bulge-related quenching: low z, low masses
  • R_{vir} much smaller (2-3 times) than the extent of intercluster gas -- it's not the end of a cluster
  • red-sequence fast track
  • mass threshold of outflows

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