Thursday, March 27, 2014

A select to compile the final photometry data table

I had to come back to that once more, so here it goes:
SELECT u.califa_id, m.califa_str,, mo.ra, mo.dec, u.el_mag, err.u_err, g.el_mag, err.g_err, r.el_mag, err.r_err, i.el_mag, err.i_err, z.el_mag, err.z_err, 0.396*r.elHLR, 0.396*err.r_elHLR_err_lo, 0.396*err.r_el_HLR_err_hi, 0.396*r.elR90, 0.396*err.r_R90_err_lo, 0.396*err.r_R90_err_hi,,, 0.396*r_sky.isoA, flags.sum_flag FROM gc2_u as u, morph as m, mothersample as mo, gc2_errors as err, gc2_g as g, gc2_r as r, gc2_i as i, gc2_z as z, bestBA as b, nadine as n, gc2_flags as flags, gc2_r_sky as r_sky WHERE u.califa_id = g.califa_id and g.califa_id = r.califa_id and r.califa_id = i.califa_id and i.califa_id = z.califa_id and z.califa_id = err.califa_id and err.califa_id = b.califa_id and b.califa_id = n.califa_id and n.califa_id = r_sky.califa_id and r_sky.califa_id = flags.califa_id and flags.califa_id = m.califa_id and m.califa_id = mo.califa_id