Wednesday, September 25, 2013

lit: Precise TFRs without galaxy inclinations

Precise TFRs without galaxy inclinations, by Obreschkow et al. A really interesting read about why photometric (axis ratio-based) inclination values are not optimal, what TFR is good for, fitting the TFR, etc. The main point of the article is recovering the TFR for samples with limited or no inclination data, but I haven't read it in detail yet.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SQLITE: nested query

SELECT r.califa_id, u.isoA, g.isoA, r.isoA, i.isoA FROM gc2_r_sky as r, gc2_u_sky as u, gc2_g_sky as g, gc2_i_sky as i where r.califa_id = u.califa_id and r.califa_id = g.califa_id and r.califa_id = i.califa_id and r.califa_id in (select r.califa_id from gc2_r_sky as r order by r.isoA desc limit 10) order by r.isoA desc

sorting .csv files

cat input.csv | sort -ug -t',' > output.csv worked better than sort -n option, which I had been using.