Monday, August 20, 2012

Inpainting, optimisation, nearest neighbours in Numpy

After looking at my ~900 inpainted images and rejecting ~130 of them outright, I'd like to rewrite my inpainting code. It creates weird artifacts or distorted galaxy views under some circumstances, because it iterates _along_ the axes.
My current idea is to do this recursively: first fill (using the same Gaussian kernel) the pixels that have the nearest 3 4 neighbouring pixels (out of 4 possible) available (not masked), then repeat it again, then go to those that have 3 neighbours, rinse and repeat.
A similar, but possibly a better approach would be to include the diagonal neighbours in the calculation as well (those who have a common vertex, but do not lie side by side). Start with those that have 8 neighbours, (...).
Here's some food for thought:,,

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