Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The select for my TF sample

SELECT m.califa_id, h.name, h.hubtype FROM mothersample as m, nadine as n, morph as h, flags_new as f where (n.ba > 0.3) and n.califa_id = m.califa_id and h.hubtype = 'S' and n.califa_id = h.califa_id and f.sum = 0 and f.califa_id = n.califa_id
edit: here's the new one, selecting galaxies with available kinematics data from CALIFA: SELECT distinct h.rowid, n.ba, h.name, j.name, f.sum, n.ba, h.hubtype FROM nadine as n, flags_new as f, morph as h, tf_maps_list as j where h.name =j.name and h.hubtype='S' and h.califa_id = n.califa_id and n.ba > 0.3 and n.ba < 0.9 and f.sum = 0 and f.califa_id = n.califa_id

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