Thursday, March 22, 2012

SDSS images batch downloading, getting key values from .fits headers

I'm sure I'm probably a 1000th person writing scripts to download a bunch of SDSS images (here and here are the two examples I know of). It takes a list of (awk-generated) SDSS parameters, uses wget to download them, reads some value from the .fits file header and writes it out. A colleague asked me to get a list of such values, so here it goes.
I'm using a couple of string manipulation functions from sdsspy, I felt it's really pointless to rewrite those.

import os
import pyfits
import csv
import numpy
import string
import gzip

#awk < sdss_database_dump.csv 'BEGIN { FS="," }; { print $1,",",$2,",",$3,",",$8,",",$9,",",$10,",",$11}' > list.txt

dataFile = 'list.txt'

#the next three functions are from sdsspy library (

def run2string(runs):
    rs = run2string(runs)
    Return the string version of the run.  756->'000756'
    Range checking is applied.
    return tostring(runs,0,999999)

def field2string(fields):
    fs = field2string(field)
    Return the string version of the field.  25->'0025'
    Range checking is applied.
    return tostring(fields,0,9999)

def tostring(val, nmin=None, nmax=None):
    if not numpy.isscalar(val):
        return [tostring(v,nmin,nmax) for v in val]
    if isinstance(val, (str,unicode)):
 nlen = len(str(nmax))
 vstr = str(val).zfill(nlen)
 return vstr
    if nmax is not None:
        if val > nmax:
            raise ValueError("Number ranges higher than max value of %s\n" % nmax)
    if nmax is not None:
        nlen = len(str(nmax))
        vstr = str(val).zfill(nlen)
        vstr = str(val)
    return vstr        

csvReader = csv.reader(open(dataFile, "rU"), delimiter=',')
f = csv.writer(open('angles.txt', 'w'), delimiter=',')
for row in csvReader:
      print '********************************', row[0]      
      ID = string.strip(row[0])
      ra = string.strip(row[1])
      dec = string.strip(row[2])
      run = string.strip(row[3])
      rerun = string.strip(row[4])
      camcol = string.strip(row[5])
      field = string.strip(row[6])
      runstr = run2string(run)
      field_str = field2string(field)
      print 'wget'+run+'/'+rerun+'/corr/'+camcol+'/fpC-'+runstr+'-r'+camcol+'-'+field_str+'.fit.gz'
      print 'uncompressing..'
      gz ='fpC-'+runstr+'-r'+camcol+'-'+field_str+'.fit.gz')
      imgFile =, mode='readonly')
      print 'getting header info...'
      head = imgFile[0].header
      angle = head['SPA']
      info = (int(ID), angle)  

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