Sunday, November 25, 2012

Converting IDL color table to Python: Matplotlib colour map from rgb array

We have our own colour table, mostly used for kinematics or similar spatial plots. There was some Python code to access it (I think), but it used a look-up table, and didn't look concise enough.
M. from MPIA wrote a short IDL script that basically takes the rgb distribution vectors across the colour table length, interpolates it to 256 bins and creates a callable colour table.
I thought it would be easy to rewrite it. Matplotlib's documentation was quite incomprehensible. It uses a set of tuples to define a colourmap, which is neat and gives you a lot of control, but I had a different input of colour vectors, which was an array of pre-defined rgb values. colors.ListedColormap did the trick, so here is a script to make a custom colour map from a rgb array with matplotlib.

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