Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jerusalem WS lecture notes: 07. Guest lecture on cosmology with the CMB

By C. Bennett, the PI of WMAP, among many other things. Slides not (yet) available.
  • COBE:
    • anisotropy
    • shape of the CMB spectrum: precision cosmology
    • CDM: anisotropy low -- from Silk damping?
    • still only sampling superhorizon scales
    • spinning dust
    • polarisation maps
    • average subtraction: foreground removal
    • foreground modelling: spectral differences, power law spectral indices
    • n_s -- inflation tilt, \tau -- optical depth of scattering, \Delta -- amplitude of fluctuation predicted by inflation
    • E, B modes: gradient, curl
    • 1st acoustic peak: horizon size at decoupling: super-horizon correlation from polarization (inflation)
    • rarefaction/compression peaks, BAO
    • 1st and 2nd peak heights ratio: baryon density --> time of decoupling, sound speed, horizon scale (145.7 Mpc), d_A = 14Gpc
    • geometric degeneracy of CMB measurements
    • constraining inflation: primordial tilt, flatness, tensor to scalar ratio, energy scale -- only from polarization data
    • is the anisotropy Gaussian? 3PCF
    • "Last stand before WMAP" article
    • the 6 parameter space volume was reduced 68k times
    • LAMBDA @Heasarc -- data
    • CLASS experiment
    • WMAP9 -- optimal weighting of the power spectrum

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