Monday, February 25, 2013

Importing large .csv files via sqlite3 command line interface

If they are too big to import via the GUI manager, that's one way to go (I created a database of emission line data):
CREATE TABLE "elines" ("CALIFA_id" text,"morph" text,"bar"
text,"radius" float,"xpos" float,"ypos" float,"Hbeta_flux"
float,"Hbeta_eflux_float" float,"Hgamma_flux_float"
float,"Hgamma_eflux" float,"Hdelta_flux" float,"Hdelta_eflux"
float,"Halpha_flux" float,"Halpha_eflux" float,"OIII5007_flux"
float,"OIII5007_eflux" float,"OI6300_flux" float,"OI6300_eflux"
float,"NII6584_flux" float,"NII6584_eflux" float,"SII6717_flux"
float,"SII6717_eflux" float,"SII6730_flux" float,"SII6730_eflux"
float,"vel" float,"evel" float,"disp" float,"edisp" float,"Ha_cont"

.separator ","

.nullvalue -999

.import elines.csv elines

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