Monday, February 4, 2013

lit review: a generalization of photometry to the higher moments of the line-of-sight velocity distribution

by Krajnovic et al.. This will probably be one of the important papers when writing: an interesting breakdown and discussion of velocity map moments, also many useful references (esp. Schoenmakers et al. (1997), the degeneracy of q, center and systemic velocity v0.
We have presented a generalization of surface photometry to the higher-order moments of the LOSVD, observed with integral-field spectrograph. We call our method kinemetry. For even moments of the LOSVD, kinemetry reduces to photometry. For odd moments, kinemetry is based on the assumption that it is possible to define an ellipse such that the kinematic profile extracted along the ellipse can be well described by a simple cosine law. This assumption is satisfied in the case of simple axisymmetric rotators.

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