Sunday, April 14, 2013

SQL: selecting B/D decomposition data

SELECT califa_id, re_1, re_2, n_1, n_2, rmag1, rmag2, rmag2/rmag1, Reduced_chi2 FROM galfit_2comp where n_1 < n_2 and re_1 > 20 and n_2 > 2
#1st component is disk:
id, disk_re, bulge_re, disk_n, bulge_n, disk_mag, bulge_mag, bulge/disk ratio
where 1st component is a sizeable disk (lower n) and we don't simply split the disk in two components.
And the reverse case:
SELECT id, re_2, re_1, n_2, n_1, rmag2, rmag1, rmag1/rmag2, Reduced_chi2 FROM galfit_2comp where n_2 < n_1 and re_2 > 20 and n_1 > 2

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