Friday, April 26, 2013

Batch downloading SDSS image cutouts

I remember I've done that before, but couldn't find the script. Here is one I quickly put together, based on Min-Su Shin's code.

import os
import db
from utils import *

ids = db.dbUtils.getFromDB('id', dbDir+'MyDB.sqlite', 'mothersample')

for id in ids:
  id = str(id)
  ra = db.dbUtils.getFromDB('ra', dbDir+'MyDB.sqlite', 'mothersample', ' where id = '+id)[0]
  dec = db.dbUtils.getFromDB('dec', dbDir+'MyDB.sqlite', 'mothersample', ' where id = '+id)[0]
  name = "data/cutouts/"+id+".png"
  command = str("wget '"+str(ra)+"&dec="+str(dec)+"&scale=0.5020920&width=150&height=150&opt=GS&query=&Grid=on&PhotoObjs=on' -O "+str(name)  )

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