Thursday, November 14, 2013

Daily paper: The Tully-Fisher relations of early-type spiral and S0 galaxies

I gave a talk at our group meeting yesterday, this was one of several useful suggestions and references I got. bWilliams et al. 2010, The Tully-Fisher relations of early-type spiral and S0 galaxies
Offsets which are ascribed to fading or brightening could in fact be due to systematic biases that differ between the measures of rotation used. For typical slopes of the TFR, a relatively small systematic difference in velocity of ∼0.1 dex introduces an offset in the TFR that is indistinguishable from a ∼ 1mag difference in luminosity.
Our conclusions in this section have three consequences for previous works that measure the TFR of S0 galaxies using stellar kinematics corrected for asymmetric drift (e.g. Neistein et al. 1999; Hinz et al. 2001, 2003, BAM06): (i) the asymmetric drift correction they use yields similar results to detailed Jeans modelling; (ii) the drift correction does not seem to introduce a systematic bias between spirals and S0s and, if applied to samples of both spirals and S0s, can indeed be used to compare the TFRs of the two classes; (iii) however, a TFR derived from asymmetric drift-corrected stellar kinematics cannot be directly compared to TFRs derived from global HI line widths or resolved emission line PVDs.
==== There's a really interesting section on the ADC, and a nice comparison of gas/HI/AD corrected stellar kinematics. Also I should check their section on TFR fitting, intrinsic scatter in it, etc.In addition, I ought to take a look at the references therein, esp. the introduction.

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